Soundful Transylvania

Over the last 15 years the sounds of the world around me has become much more important to me than what I see: I live with a rare health condition called Hyperacusis-Misophonia. When this condition is not about the suffocating effect of the noise it becomes a hearing superpower and it’s about the pleasure of deeply diving into the meaning of this sea of sounds that is constantly vibrating in & around us. I take pleasure in observing the space between two sounds, the contrast between sounds and silence, noise pollution and healing sounds. 

Here are some of these immersive aural pleasures I enjoyed & recorded during 2018 and 2019 in various locations in Transylvania. After the postproduction (though not high quality) they have become sound pieces intended for deep listening and aural immersion. 

The field recordings were made with a Zoom H1 handy recorder and have not been altered or manipulated but I did use some basic sound enhancing techniques while mixing and editing. 

Read the STORIES OF THE TRACKS on bandcamp by clicking here and/or listen below.

Invitations and bookings are welcome to perform live sound art acts or to exhibit sound installations based on these field recordings.